At SanaNeo (an Intuitive Quest service), we are committed to protecting your privacy and therefore committed to providing you with the best protection for your personal data in line with current legislation.

Our privacy protection policy contains information on the ways in which we collect and process your personal data and enables you to learn about your rights.

To learn more about your rights and your obligations, you can also visit the following websites:

  • In Switzerland, the website of the Confédération Suisse sur la loi fédérale sur la protection des données (Swiss Data Protection Association)
  • In France, the website of the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (National Commission on Information Technology and Liberties)
  1. Data protection rules

We are aware that, when you use our website, the protection of your privacy is one of your major concerns. The rules set out below aim to demonstrate that we take the protection of your personal data seriously. We have set out the rules in detail so that you can learn how these data protection rules are applied on the website.

By accessing and using the website, you consent to these data protection rules.

If you object to these rules, we request that you leave the website and ignore the information that it contains.

These data protection rules also apply to all websites belonging to Intuitive Quest.

  1. Name of the handler for your personal data

Personal data is collected by Intuitive Quest, 18 Place de Cornavin, 1201 Geneva.

  1. Processing of your personal data

Which data?

Our website does not require visitors to register to simply view its pages and does not register any information when a visitor simply views its pages.

However, in certain situations (account creation, contact section, question-answer service, downloading documents, appointment booking service, etc.), you may be asked to provide personal data (email address, surname, first name, business, address, telephone number, website, business area, etc.) that the website needs in order to provide the services it offers. An asterisk tells you whether the information is required or optional.

We do not collect any sensitive data, i.e. data concerning your racial or ethnic origins, your political, philosophical or religious opinions, whether you belong to a trade union or your sex life. Data concerning your health may, however, be collected, though only with your approval, when we create your health record. This allows SanaNeo to help you find the therapists who best match your requirements.

When you view our website and use our services, we also collect and process data about the way you use the website (in particular, cookies, your IP address and the pages that you viewed) and about your computer terminal (the type of browser you use, the model and version of your operating system, your screen resolution, whether or not you use certain plus-ins, etc.). We also carry out an approximate geolocation of the town from which you are accessing the site. This data will be used partly to adapt our content and services to your needs and partly to produce statistics on how our services are used, with a view to making them more relevant.

Finally, the user’s public user name is considered to be personal data; this is nevertheless used as a signature on contributions made by that user to the website. Unless a user specifically requests otherwise, his contributions will remain on the website and will continue to carry his public user name in the event that he deregisters from the website. If a user requests that his public user name be anonymised, he acknowledges that his user name will then be removed from his contributions and undertakes, by extension, to waive any claim or action in respect of intellectual property rights.

In certain circumstances, the data may be collected by a third-party Service Provider using its own form on the Website. Where this is the case, the Service Provider is responsible for managing the data that is collected by way of this form.


We collect data from you when:

  • you create your user account;
  • you browse our website and read about our products and services;
  • you use one of our services (registration, questions-answers, downloading, appointment booking request, games-competitions, etc.);
  • you complete our contact form.

For what purpose?

We use your personal data to:

  • enable you to use our services;
  • inform you about services in which you have expressed an interest and that are offered on our website;
  • send you offers and information about our website that correspond to your areas of interest;
  • send you announcements;
  • enable us to count the number of visits to our site and to gather statistics on how the content and the different sections and services of the website are used so that we can adapt the sections and content to the way in which you use the website;
  • put you in touch with service providers.

Where appropriate, the data collection form may contain a tick box that allows you to consent or object to your data being sold to third parties or being used for their business purposes.

  1. Use of cookies

When you visit this website, your computer will automatically receive one or more cookies that are sent by the website to your Internet browser.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file. It does not contain, and cannot collect, personal information. Two types of cookie may be used: “session” cookies and “persistent” cookies. Session cookies are automatically deleted when you end your browsing session. Persistent cookies remain on your device for the period determined by the cookie and then delete themselves. These cookies may, however, be refreshed each time you visit the website.

Why does SanaNeo use cookies?

SanaNeo is interested in learning about the ways in which the website’s content is used. This information is used solely to determine a visitor’s location, which content is displayed and for how long. These cookies allow us learn much more about how the site is used and provide us with a better understanding of the areas in which the website can be improved. This information cannot be used to ascertain the identity of a visitor to the site.

How can I block or delete cookies or withdraw my consent to cookies being used?

Most Internet browsers allow you to delete, block or receive an alert before a cookie is saved/stored on your electronic device. Depending on the type of electronic device that you are using, its settings function will contain information on how to set up your browser to manage cookies.

Can I still visit SanaNeo if the cookie function is deactivated?

Yes. If you have deactivated cookies on your electronic device, or if you have blocked or withdrawn your consent to cookies being installed or used, you will continue to have the same access to the Website’s content as if cookies were enabled. Certain features, such as surveys and tools, may, however, operate with reduced functionality or may fail to work at all.

  1. What are your rights?

Under current laws, you have the right to access, rectify and object to the use of your personal data. You can exercise these rights:

  • by sending an email to, or
  • by sending a letter to the following address: Intuitive Quest, 18 Place de Cornavin, 1201 Geneva.

You may be asked to send proof of identity to the address above.