Launched in June 2015, aims to help anyone who believes that one of the most important things in life is good physical and moral health.’s ultimate aim is therefore to help everyone to improve their own health and wellbeing:

  • by offering a variety of information and documentation on the areas of health and wellbeing, and
  • by enabling site users to research the best natural and alternative medicine practitioners for their healthcare needs. offers an interactive directory service that is both free and innovative enabling you to search (by keywords, geographic location, or simply by name and address) for therapists offering more than 200 different alternative or natural therapies in Switzerland and elsewhere. The service allows therapists to benefit from an additional shop window through which to promote themselves and their business activities. also aims to enhance the experience of visitors who are concerned about their health and wellbeing by bringing together a large quantity of information, advice and articles that are regularly updated and that deal with all aspects of healthcare and wellbeing in the areas of alternative medicine and alternative therapies, as well as personal and spiritual development.

Whether you are a therapist or a visitor, we hope that, by registering on the website, you will be able to find what you are looking and that you are able to use to build a better, healthier and happier life for yourself and for others.

Here are a few points to remember:

  • The interactive directory allows you to quickly and easily find the therapists who best match your requirements. You can read about the training, experience and therapies offered by each therapist and find their contact details and working hours.
    Our objective is to provide a directory that is as complete as possible with a view to creating the premier healthcare reference directory and to providing access to thousands of therapists who have the knowledge and talent to help those who wish to find a complement to traditional medicine.
  • Regularly updated articles and videos on the themes of health, alternative therapies, nutrition, personal and spiritual development, as well as education and psychology that you can read at your leisure and that are sorted by date and theme and therefore easy to access. These articles will enable you to learn about subjects that are relevant to your daily life and help you improve your wellbeing. With a view to constantly improving the information on the website, every therapist is encouraged to write and publish articles on areas in which he practises or in which he is personally involved.
  • The calendar lists all the activities organised by the therapists registered on SanaNeo, including lessons, training sessions, seminars and conventions. Whether you are simply curious or you want to learn something that may improve your wellbeing, these activities allow you to keep you up to date and learn by yourself. Each activity offers an in-depth examination of a particular area and will teach you something new and set you on the path to wellbeing.

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